Abdul Rahman

With more than 10 years of paragliding experience, Abdul Rahman is without doubt, one of the most experienced tandem pilot in Malaysia and holds the official instructorship certifications from Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

He is also one of the founding member of Malaysia’s largest paragliding club – KLFF, that often organise clinics for reserve packing and inflight manoeuvres for new and existing pilots.

Aizat Hazman

Aizat is the Vice President of Paragliding at MSAF Paragliding Bureau under the Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

He holds the official paragliding certifications from the Association of Professional Paragliding Instructors (APPI) and Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

Mohd Amin

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Mohd Faizal

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Mohd Nazri

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Mohd Farul

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