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Introduction to Paragliding, the Elementary Training

Course coverage:

  • 2 days of ground handling with reviews on thermodynamics and meteorology
  • 2 days of practice – forward launch technique
  • 1 additional day of progressive training flights (subject to availability)
  • Fully certified training equipments are provided (paraglider, harness, helmet and radio)
  • Written and practical exam through student workbook
  • Student Pilot identification card and permanent membership (entitles for paragliding gear discount)
  • Training reading materials such as student workbook, flight log, tshirt

Beginner paragliding course lasts for 4 days over 2 weekends. If you are interested in learning to fly quickly, we recommend our intensive paragliding course over a full week (4-5 consecutive days) with theoretical lessons and practices every single day (weather permitting). This allows you to keep your knowledge and skills fresh each day and accelerates the learning process. Please consult us via emails for the schedule and further suggestions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Theory : Introduction to paragliding Equipment & Gears, Thermodynamics & Meteorology, Topology, Flight Rules and Incident Handling.
  • Practical : Equipment preparation, inspection and maintenance
  • Practical : Forward launch technique
  • Practical : In-flight manoeuvres for landing approach, flying with instructor in tandem flight
  • Practical : Open field landing technique
  • Practical : Reserve deployment (in a suspended simulation)

What do I get after the training?

First of all, you will have the skills to launch and land safely. However, as a beginner you need to master a set of skills and knowledge to continue flying safely and for this very reason you are required to be supervised by an instructor or equivalent for all of your subsequent flights even after the completion of your course. Only after 40 flights or more, you will usually grasp enough experience to perform the launch and landing without constant supervision.

In addition to that, you will be given the Student Identification card for validation should you visit other sites that requires verification of your proficiency. The card will also include your insurance coverage details and a QR code that will link to your personalised web page with the training details. This is to ensure efficiency in the verification process, should it is required.

The Training Location: (how does it look like)

Your Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent)
  • Comfortable outdoor attire including proper shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • The will and patience to learn to fly as the weather will be hot during ground handling training
  • Listen carefully to your instructor (slightly different techniques may be applied according to situations and students ability to absorb instructions)
  • Reasonably good health (advised to perform medical checkup or obtain doctor’s advice)

How much does it cost:

  • Paragliding training module : RM2,800 (inclusive of student workbook & logbook, tshirt and the use of training gears)

The insurance coverage details and their options will be elaborated during registration, together with the registration form.

Payment Options:

In addition to PayPal, we also accept credit/debit cards (Visa and MasterCard) using mobile payment terminal on-site prior to commencing the training session.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is training equipment provided?

Of course, yes. During training all essential equipment will be provided such as the glider, harness, helmet and radio. These are must-use equipment for paragliding and all equipment used during the training are designed for students with additional safety features (except radio, it’s the same 2m radio). There is no additional cost to the use of equipment during training.

Do I have to purchase my own gears after training?

Ideally yes, because you would need to start practising to fly with your own gears and get really familiar with it. However, if our training gears are not in use by the instructor(s) then you could continue to practice using the gears temporarily.

Do I get special discounts for paragliding equipment?

Yes :-)

The advantage of going through our training program is that by being a member of the fraternity, you enjoy the privilege of further product discount on brands that we are the appointed local distributor such as Ozone, Woody Valley, Icaro, Ascent, Skywalk and SupAir. These are among the world’s top brands in paragliding industry and it’s a long range of products that you could choose.

However, due to the fluctuations of international currencies and frequent updates from the manufacturer for available models, the discount rates will be advised upon enquiries based on the updated exchange rates at that time.

After I have completed the course, can I still consult you for advice?

Of course, Yes.

We encourage our students to continuously learn and improve their skills through consultations, keep on practicing and we will be there for that with no additional course or charges required for giving advice and guiding you during launch or reviewing your flights. That’s what this paragliding fraternity is all about, to share the experiences and knowledge with each other so everyone would have as much fun as we do in the paragliding activities.

Are all flying schools in Malaysia following the same training structure?

Mostly are, although there are slight variants according to location and student’s ability to grasp the training contents. Some students starts from ground zero, while some students already an airline pilot so the training modules will be delivered based on the instructor’s assessments.

Over the years, paragliding training methodology has been evolving as we learn new and better ways of doing things based on the collective inputs from our affiliates from all over the world. Experience is the best teacher in a lot of things, as such, by combining the experience of our affiliates with ours and finding the balance to equilibrate the suitable training methods, we continuously improve our training structure by inculcating the enhancements and new revisions for the safety benefit of new students.

Safety and mastering the skills on ground handling has been placed at the top of our training priority list, alongside with the understanding of fundamental knowledge in paragliding thermodynamics. So please do not be surprised that most of the training hours will be spent for ground handling at the open field, and you’ll only be allowed to start launching whence you are capable of running forward while controlling the glider well above your head.

Now are you ready to learn how to fly a paraglider?

Contact Us for further details or to book your training calendar.