Ozone LM6

The LM6, like the M6, is by far the most advanced 3-line wing that Ozone have ever produced. It was designed for experienced XC/competition pilots who enjoy the comfort, safety and performance of ‘classic’ EN D, the LM6 will feel familiar and reassuring to pilots with experience in this class of wing.

With more cells, additional tensioning straps, and a more complex internal structure, the LM6 comes in at about 650g heavier than the LM5, depending on size. This increase is due mainly to the extra cells and longer nylon reinforcements that help to maintain the profile shape and improve the chord-wise tension, improving the handling, stability and performance. The extra weight can be considered as muscle in flight. The LM6 yields a higher top speed and better glide performance, with a more compact and stable feel in active air.

For further details on specifications and the advancements made to LM6, please proceed to Ozone’s specifications website for LM6 at : http://flyozone.com/paragliders/en/products/gliders/lm6/info/

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