Weather forecast for Langkawi

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Local Rules & Operator

  1. This site is within flying distance to Langkawi International Airport, therefore very strict airspace rule applies (please consult us on site rules)
  2. All flights MUST first be registered with appointed coordinator before allowed by airport tower – use Contact Us form to apply
  3. All pilots must possess valid paragliding identification (requires advanced level certification)
  4. All pilots MUST fly with a functional radio
  5. This site is by-invitation-only site, due to strict airport rule


Site Information
TO Elevation : 900m MSL (6.368207, 99.816427)
LZ Elevation : 10m MSL (6.364907, 99.781051)
Launch Direction : WNW, W, SW
Launchable Wind : NW, W, SW

Operating Season
April/May to July/August