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What is Tandem Paragliding?

Tandem paragliding is when you are flying as a passenger sitting in front of the pilot that will be steering the glider. The video below is an example of tandem paragliding :

Safety and guidelines
  • All our tandem pilots are experienced and certified by the National Aviation Controller that is monitoring the quality and safety standards of paragliding sport.
  • All passengers are recommended to seek doctor’s advice in prior, especially if they are suspected to have certain medical conditions and must inform the pilots during registration.
  • Pregnant female passengers are not allowed to fly as tandem passenger.
How much does it cost?

The charges for tandem paragliding depends on the site and passenger conditions, it varies acoording to locations and conditions. For a reference, the prices are listed in the online booking form at the bottom of this page.

What about insurance?

Yes, we have insurance coverage for all of our tandem flights (passenger insurance), therefore we are compliant to the aviation regulation from Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). Details of the insurance and its processes will be elaborated by us (or our on-site appointed operator) during registration at tandem operation site.

Is there any weight limit for the passenger?
  • Light wind, recommended passenger weight range : 25kg – 50kg
  • Medium wind, recommended passenger weight range : (ideal) : 40kg – 75kg
  • Stronger wind, recommended passenger weight range : 80kg – 95kg
What about age, can children be passengers too?

It is best that the passenger is fully aware what they are experiencing, therefore we strongly suggests that the passenger should be about 7 years old onwards. This is usually the stage where they are becoming aware and alert of their outdoor activities, able to communicate well with the pilot and last but not least, they would be big enough to sit safely snugged in the passenger harness.

Where are the paragliding locations?

There are many sites around the country for tandem paragliding, below is a few for references and for the full listing it would be easier to contact us for details.

Okay I'm excited, how and where do I start from here?

Great! for a start, please scroll down further to fill-in the booking form (if you’re using a laptop/iPad/Tablet then it’s on the right).

The respective site’s appointed operator will get back to you soonest possible after they received your booking’s email notification.