Some of the pilots that are always flying with us at every possble weekends. They are either instructors, tandem pilots or recreational pilots flying purely for the joy of it and comprises of local and expatriate pilots, including visiting pilots from almost all corners of the world. We will update the list from time to time, when it permits.

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Yusmar is the benevolently dictating IT geek of this website.

He holds paragliding certifications from the Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors (APPI), United States Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) and Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

With more than 10 years of paragliding experience, Abdul Rahman is without doubt, one of the most experienced tandem pilot in Malaysia and holds the official instructorship certifications from Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

He is also one of the founding member of Malaysia’s largest paragliding club – KLFF, that often organise clinics for reserve packing and inflight manoeuvres for new and existing pilots.

Richard has been paragliding professionally as tandem master and instructor in Malaysia, Nepal, Taiwan and China for the past decade. He holds official certifications from the Association of Professional Paragliding Instructors (APPI) and with official instructorship rating from United States Hangliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA).

Aizat is the Vice President of Paragliding at MSAF Paragliding Bureau under the Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

He holds the official paragliding certifications from the Association of Professional Paragliding Instructors (APPI) and Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).

The affable and often quiet Mustafa Tan or fondly known as Mustan among friends, is an experienced tandem pilot.

Jean-Jacques is an affable pilot with excellent skills and patience when it comes to thermaling, he often managed to climb the thermals no matter how small or weak they are. More often than not, this pilot who smiles and laughs all the time could be found flying at local sites around Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand enjoying his fun-filled paragliding trips, and making new personal best records at local sites.

Nora is an ardent cross-country pilot who flies mostly in Germany but in recent years, she had a lot of experience flying in Asian region such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. She was often the one that will find that elusive thermals and being used as the reference for pilots who weren’t sure where to catch the next lift or hopping from one cloud to another.

Apart from being a research scientist, Nora is currently one of the moderators at Paragliding Forum; world’s largest and most active online discussion website for paragliding related matters.

Eric is a traveling pilot, based in Marseille and Embrun, but roaming around south of France for paragliding competitions where he is often appointed as the Master of Ceremony. Eric paraglides mostly in the south of France while traveling in his classic combi Volkswagen minivan and conducting tandem flights for passengers.

Andrew is an affable pilot with more than 20 years of paragliding experience in many paragliding regions around France and recently started to fly a lot in Malaysia. When he is not flying competitions in Europe or having fun at the Ozone Chabre, he is usually found coring the thermals in Kuala Kubu Bharu or Bahau with his favourite TripleSeven King.

Andrew is a good source of knowledge for thermaling efficiency, competition guidelines and as well for the LZ jokes and chatters.

Chris, who is also known as ParaUdara among his Facebook friends, is no stranger in the paragliding industry locally and internationally for more than a decade. An affable pilot held in high regards by the paragliding community as knowledgeable in the equipment designs and paragliding thermodynamics, often seen test-flying latest models of paragliders before they hit the market.

James holds the official Private Pilot License (PPL-R) flying certifications from the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia (DCA) and has been closely involved in the development of paramotor sports in tandem with the Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).