If you have been paragliding for quite some time, especially for ridge soaring and cruising around 10-20km radius of a familiar location, then the usual variometer with maps, editable screen and/or compass of last thermal core becomes redundant and aren’t really a must-have. Besides, the significantly larger devices can be quite a hassle to be carried around, not to mention that they’re quite pricey too.

But the Ascent H1 sort of solved that, by introducing an affordable new release that supports GPS, user-loadable airspace chart in OpenAIR format (requires installation of new firmware) and including all other common features that are available in the popular varios such as Flymaster or Brauniger.

At the moment, it is available for just RM1,250 (if you gather a few flying buddies to get the same H1 model then I’ll offer the bulk order discounts)

Oh, having said that, I would like to announce that Ascent Product Inc. has appointed Paragliders Malaysia as the local distributor in Malaysia and for the time being, possibly Southeast Asia too ;-)

Further details of this product can be viewed at Ascent’s website.

Ascent H1 variometer
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