Recently the number of public that are engaging themselves with tandem paragliding activities has grown at a faster rate than before and the number of passengers contacting us for tandem flights has been extended to visitors from other countries. They were often tourists planning their activities in Malaysia prior to making their trip.

By thinking forward and putting myself in their shoes, I created an area of the website where future tandem passengers could browse through the list of tandem pilots, viewing their videos or profile information before deciding on who they would trust their life with in the air.

They can use the Online Booking tool to make reservations or scheduling an appointment. It will be a progressive development, even the process of identifying the tandem pilots will be done in stages whenever I am available.

Please have a look at the Tandem Flights menu above to present the list of pilots who are offering their tandem services, some will have further information about them such as YouTube videos, Instagram and/or Facebook pages.

I hope this move would help to encourage a healthy growth of the sport locally.

Booking a tandem flight