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1.1 This online course’s content was created to highlight the most important aspect of paragliding, the ones that relates directly to the safety of pilots and others, efficiency of flights and airmenship of paragliding.

1.2 Some other contents that are usually included in trainings conducted by other instructors/schools are omitted in this online content such as History of Paragliding, Local Clubs and Associations, et cetera because in our opinion such non-essential or non-crucial contents could be highlighted during casual sessions while at the flying site.


2.1 In the making of this course materials, we refer to FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale), BHPA (British Hanggliding and Paragliding Association) and APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) that are known to be the standard guidelines in the world.

2.2 The standards used in this training course is therefore in accordance to international standard, especially in compliance to FAI requirements.


3.1 The instructor in-charged has been regularly flying since 2011 and has taught dozens of new students while accumulated nearly 5,000 logged flights throughout the years. Over the years, he had jointly developed the paragliding training structure for MSAF (Malaysia’s paragliding association) that is currently being used by dozens of local instructors.

3.2 He also built PGMY into becoming the only establishment that has a complete structure of paragliding training and references in Malaysia. More about the instructor could also be found from his social media accounts and website.


4.1 At the end of this course, we expect that the student has a firm grasp of the theories behind paragliding and with full understanding on how it works, it will expedite the physical training sessions and helps to make the student a better pilot.

4.2 The exam questions in this course will also become a valuable reference resource for the student in future as well as proof of training for the student pilot.

4.3 We hope in future, all flying school in Malaysia will adopt this approach in teaching new students for better efficiency and producing new pilots with strong understanding of the fundamentals.


5.1 We do not have plans to commercialise this online course for time being, simply because we believe in sharing the knowledge to all new pilots for the benefit of the community.

5.2 However, we take it seriously that all the hard works laboured in creating this online course are not to be copied and reproduced without our written consent.

5.3 All we ask on this matter is that the works that we have poured into this system is respected by using it here instead of copying and reproducing it elsewhere.

Thank you for reading all the above, we wish you all the best going through the materials and hope that you will find this course useful.

Yusmar Yahaya, Instructor.


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