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1. What does the term Average Chord describes?


2. You are planning to launch from a hill at 400m AMSL and the airspace sectional chart describes the area as FL250/55. What is your permitted altitude to fly?


3. Who has the right of way in thermals?


4. When a pilot is the first to arrive at the scene of an accident, which of the following set of questions is correct:


5. In which direction will the fabric get most deformities while ageing?


6. Which of the following is the correct order for the 6 point check on take off?


7. The term dew point is defined in meteorology as


8. On final of the approach I realize the wind shifted and I will land downwind, what I should do?


9. When you operate the speed system…


10. You are at the takeoff that is 1300m AMSL and the valley below is at 150m AMSL, the manufacturer indicates the glider has 8:1 glide ratio. What is the farthest distance you can fly?


11. Which approach should a pilot take in zero wind when he realises on the base leg that he is too high?


12. What is the worst ageing agent for the fabric?


13. To become an advanced XC pilot, does the pilot requires training in SIV?


14. What does the abbreviation AGL stands for?


15. Is it possible to fly during the night with a paraglider?


16. The dis-advantages of pod harnesses are:


17. Which of the approach defined as downwind leg?



When the distance between isobars is small, it means that…


19. Which cloud form is an indicator for good thermals?


20. When a paraglider is flown with maximum load, the stall occurs…


21. Which classes of airspace in general can paragliders use without seeking prior permission?


22. The pressure at sea level…


23. An isobar is a line connecting point of


24. What does the following symbol describes?


25. The term Angle of Attack represents the angle between…


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