For the avid paragliders (like yours truly), haze is not a show stopper for us especially if it’s just doing ridge soaring to release that craving of gliding high in the air.

If I remember it correctly, the VFR rule states that airspace within 1000ft AGL of mountain or hill would fall under the uncontrolled Class G airspace, although we do need 5-10km horizontal visibility to qualify for that. What was our readings lately? hardly 1km!

But that was not the real issue, especially when there aren’t and won’t be any other aircrafts flying at the ridge. The haze itself was the problem and after my last flight a few days ago, it gives me massive headaches at the end of day.

Lesson learned is that when the air quality index crossed the borderline from benign to hazardous, it isn’t worth the flight or at least wear a really good full-face mask. But even that, it’s still not really worth it. So I guess there’ll be no flying until the haze is gone.

Flying in the haze