The Plan

We aim to be an effective and exemplary paragliding establishment in Malaysia by 2018, including our own flight park that is properly developed for the aviation sports activities with official recognitions locally and internationally.

What Else We Do

We work closely with local flying clubs to explore and develop new paragliding sites around the country in order to encourage more participations from local and foreign pilots to actively paraglide in Malaysia.

For our paragliding education, we learn and adopt the education structure from several internationally recognised and experienced education agencies such as APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) and USHPA (United States Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association) into our training flow. We work closely with the local NAC for paragliding regulations to create the local version of training programmes that will be recognised internationally.

Social Impact

Apart from fulfilling the needs to be financially sustainable and for business growth, we are equally passionate about giving back to society and nurturing positive values through this sport.

For this, we are working in developing the youth especially from suburban and rural areas to discover hidden talents as well as providing them an equitable access to experience this sport. We are laying the ground works in the hope that one day, some of them will become international champions standing tall on the podiums proudly waving the national flag, thus becoming exemplary role models for the future youth of the country.

To achieve this, we are working closely with a local capacity development organisation to jointly conduct paragliding camps for enhancement of skills and character development during the training sessions.

Why We Created This Website?

Due to lack of online information pertaining to paragliding activities in Malaysia, it was deemed imperative that we dedicate our time and efforts to create a website that provides relevant information about paragliding in Malaysia.

Other than providing general information about paragliding, this website is also an avenue to promote paragliding gears, training and tandem services as part of its plan to become self-sustainable.

Subsequently, we aim for this website to be a valuable info-center whether for local or visiting pilots to seek further information on paragliding related matters including arranging or planning their weekly flying trips.