List Of Authorised Registration Centre

The list of approved registration centres below will be updated from time to time as when there is an update.

Please take note that only the operators listed below are authorised to register for tandem passenger insurance. Independent Operators are for flying sites that does not have dedicated site operator such as Jugra. All other flying sites, has to go through their site operator and please verify with us for any claims that they are insured.


  1. 3A Adventure
    Location/Site : Bukit Bubus, Besut
    Contact : Azani Mohd Hassan
  2. Persatuan Luncur Udara Terengganu
    Location/Site : Bukit Maras, K. Terengganu
    Contact : Anuar Ngah
  3. Langkawi Air Sports
    Location/Site : Langkawi, Kedah
    Contact : Yusmar Yahaya
  4. Silver Paragliding Club
    Location/Site : Bukit Bangkong, Perak
    Contact : Abdul Aziz


  1. Adventurist Malaysia
    Location/Site : Jugra & Pedas
    Contact : Nadira Mahidan
  2. ARB Paragliding
    Location/Site : Jugra
    Contact : Abd Rahman Baharin
  3. Proglide Sports
    Location/Site : Jugra & Pedas
    Contact : Muhamad Faridil
  4. DTM Outdoors Resources
    Location/Site : Jugra & Pedas
    Contact : Syafiq Bahri
Last updated : 1st October 2020