This is probably the most hotly debated topic in Malaysia since the day we all started this sport ages ago. Anyway, to cut things short here’s my summary on this matter;

The paragliding bureau under MSAF is working on a new process flow for new pilots to obtain paragliding license, by mirroring the proven methods used at USHPA, APPI, JHPF and PADI (yes PADI is for scubadiving but its member management system is undisputedly well organised).

We’re also working on polishing the standards and regulations to be in compliance with FAI’s international ParaPro standards so we will be more aligned with international bodies when it comes to recognition of training syllabus.

Of course there are many other areas that also need our attention, but let’s do one thing at a time, our focus now is on the training syllabus and licensing structure before we start to move on the next subjects.

Summary of the expected outcome is that none of the new pilots shall fly without proper identification documents, equipped with complete training materials and thoroughly guided for their awareness on paragliding safety and regulations.

My role in this implementation is as an independent advisor and consultant, pro-bono and has no authority nor influence to execute them though so far it seemed that my opinions were heard by MSAF.

Malaysian paragliding license
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