We often collaborate and receives support from pilots and enthusiasts alike in helping to make our services better.

Our team members and affiliates are from various professional backgrounds and experience in paragliding, placing their time and efforts to help make Paragliders Malaysia a better place as the one-stop-centre for the paragliding community.

To know our key team members, here are some of them with their voluntary roles respectively.


Yusmar Yahaya
Founder & Industry Development
Nadiah Wafa
Athlete Discovery & Events
Nadira Mahidan
Training & Tandem Coordinator
Mohd Anwar
Insurance & Development


Yusmar Yahaya
Mohd Anwar
Qabir Rahman
Amin Mohd


Frederic Bergugnat

FFVL (Fédération Française de Vol Libre) Instructor
APPI (Association of Professional Paragliding Instructors)

Mohd Amin

MSAF (Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation) Instructor

Last update : 12th October 2021