I just came back from surveying the sites in Penang, and honestly it still requires a lot more work before it could be considered as open for public flights. The entire island however, is hugely potential for an awesome paragliding experience and there are several locations that’s possible for a quick Hike & Fly with beautiful views though you need to carefully plan the landings, but then again if you’re into Hike & Fly I take it that you’re most likely already experienced enough to land in tight spots.

At the moment, I’ll give Penang site another year to be worked on before considering it as ready for public. However, if you’re the type of pilot that prefers to fly at sites without any artificial developments for paragliding then you will like Penang. There’s an abundance of vegetable farms located on hill slopes facing the open sea waiting to be explored. I’ll update more in the future on this particular part, watch this space.

Penang’s great for PG, but not yet