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Name Khaliq Khan
Started Paragliding (Date)
Category Paragliding (PG)
Member of Club/Assoc PGMY
Brief Introduction Hi! I've been facilitating and instructing in the outdoors in the fields of education and recreation. Energetic and curious outdoor educator who can't stay in one place for too long! Always looking for new experiences, love working with students and finding opportunities to grow. Very passionate about experiential learning, spreading environmental awareness and personal development.


Date Updated (GMT) 2022-09-26 04:09:04

Pilot Information


Rating & Certification

Pilot License Agency MSAF
Agency & License Number
Proficiency Trainee Pilot, Novice Pilot

Equipment Info

Glider Manufacturer Ozone, Gin
Glider Model
Glider Rating EN-A

Verification Info

Verification date September 1, 2022

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