Combo Package

Ozone’s reversible harness pre-installed with Angel V2 reserve as combo package.

The SOLOS is a light and sleek reversible harness design with technical features throughout. Comfortable and intuitive to fly, it is ideal for pilots of all levels.

  • Low volume, slim profile
  • Compact, All-In-One Harness / Rucksack
  • Light reversible design for pilots of all levels
  • 3.3kg incl. carabiners, speed bar, rescue pod (M size)


The Angel V2 has been fully optimised for safety and reliability rather than weight. It has a proven track records worldwide as the popular choice by professional pilots alongside its other versions such as Angle SQ and Angel SQ Pro.

  • The Angel’s polyamide lines are burn resistant to 200oC, while some other lightweight parachute lines are made from Dyneema and are only resistant to 80oC.
  • This is an important distinction and we recommend that pilots educate themselves about the ultralight equipment that they use.
  • Polyamide lines are far superior due to their elongation properties and burn resistance.
  • The Angel’s materials have been chosen for optimum durability and damage-resistance for a greater margin of safety, even in the most extreme situations.


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