PGMY Trainee Pilot Package

It consists of the Ozone MOXIE glider, Ozone HALO harness, Ozone Angel reserve chute, Ozone SHIELD helmet and Ozone Concerto Compress. Please select the preferred colour and consult with your instructor for the correct glider size. All of the items are Ozone’s latest models and was just released in year 2023.

PGMY trainee pilots that are registered to our Basic Pilot Course will receive a further discount at RM14,800. To qualify for this special trainee package, please proceed the registration at



Additional information

Glider Size

XS (55-70), S (60-90), M (75-105), L (90-120), XL (105-135)

Glider Color

Blue (LWBW), Orange (OLBW), Green (HATW)

Harness Size

S, M, L

Harness Color

Grey Black

Helmet Color

Blue, Black