Easy flying: Maximised safety and ideal for beginners: Right at the takeoff the benefit of the Mana becomes very well noticeable. The Mana rises easily above the pilot and stays there without overshooting. The takeoff with the Mana is fluent and great fun! The Mana flies smoothly and comfortable and it offers the maximum of passive safety. Catching thermals and getting good lifts is easy with the Mana, you will experience a great time high up in the sky!

Hike&Fly: The minimal pack volume along with the light-weight design make the Mana the perfect companion for every mountain enthusiast.
In this range, the Mana impresses with its super smooth handling and flying behaviour while still climbing perfectly in the thermal. Also on narrow take offs you will launch the Mana without any effort.

Manufacturer’s product page : https://www.up-paragliders.com/en/products/paragliders/mana


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