WoodyValley Wani Light 2

RM 3,500.00

  • USD: $ 840.00

The Wanì light has been one of our best-selling harnesses ever, thanks to all the feedback and constructive criticism you have sent us we could successfully come up with its all-round improved successor equipped as follows:

  • New extra stable frame geometry
  • Improved size system for added comfort
  • New and more comfortable seatback
  • Two new colour combinations
  • Enlarged built-in parachute container under the seat
  • Bigger and revamped built-in rucksack
  • Optional Lightshield back protection
  • Two-step speed bar included
  • Rigid polypropylene seat

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  • Exceptional comfort
    Thanks to its rigid polypropylene seat and back to better distribute your weight over a wider surface
  • Very easy handling in flight
    We made the Wanì light 2 even more fun to fly than its predecessor by improving both its stability and precision and it suits both beginners and expert pilots thanks to its flowing handling. We managed to do that by changing its webbing system and by adding more adjustment possibilities, the result is outstanding.
  • Safety without compromise
    The Wanì light 2 airbag is just as light as its predecessor but its offers more protection and a quicker inflation that ensure maximum safety from the take off.
WoodyValley Wani Light 2