Weather forecast for Gunung Jerai

Paragliding Video @ Gunung Jerai

Site Information
TO Elevation : 2,200ft ASL
LZ Elevation : 50ft ASL
Launch Direction : N, NW
Launchable Wind : N, NW, WNW
LZ distance from TO : 3.5km
Ridge soaring length : 5km
Optional LZ : It’s a paddy field, choose wherever that is dry and avoid damaging the farmers’ crops.

Operating Season
Monsoon rain usually between October to February, other than these months the site is flyable based on wind condition.

Operator Contacts & Local Rules
1. Site coordinator from the local club managing this site : Syed Fakhrin (+60 11 1082 2997)
2. Site fee is applicable for TO-LZ retrieve vehicle : arbitrary, please ask coordinator
3. Commercial tandem flights require permission from site operator.

1. The site is adjacent to Royal Air Force base on the southern area of the mountain, and it is quite often than their jets will be doing low flight and it is important to inform site operator in advance of your flight plan.

2. Flight area is North of TO, max distance of 5NM (10km). Pilots not allowed to fly at the southern side of the mountain.

3. VFR ceiling for this site is 4000ft ASL.

Where to park & Meeting Point