For convenience’s sake, I put up an online store facility that lists all popular products that we often received enquiries for purchase. Due to frequent fluctuations of local currency’s exchange rate against Euro, I had to peg all the prices in US dollar since it is the universal and most stable currency for online transactions.

If you are a Malaysian pilot, then the price tags we are offering would be very competitive compared to other suppliers worldwide and we can assure you that the products advertised here are very high quality in terms of performance, safety and durability. Though being the only authorised distributor of Ozone paragliding gear in Malaysia has its own advantages, we put a lot of efforts to support local instructors as our part in supporting a healthy growth of the sport. So if you are a local instructor then please contact us directly for instructor discount packages.

Browse through our Online Store and let us know if there’s a product that you would like to see in the list.

Thank you!

The new Online Store