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Beginner & Intermediate Pilot Course


It contains 20 randomly selected questions from the database covering subjects on equipment, weather, aerodynamics, airmanship, rules & regulations and some essential calculations.

This quiz is intended to be used an exercise, not as certification examination.

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Category: Meteorology

Air pressure is a result of...

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Category: Equipment

How do you calculate the Aspect Ratio (AR) of a glider to get the exact value?

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Category: Rules & Regulations

Upon launching, you noticed that one of the lower line's sheath is badly damaged, what should you do?

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Category: Equipment

Does waist strap setting (horizontal distance between both carabiners) influence the behaviour of a glider?

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Category: Aerodynamics

If the speed of airflow going over the glider's surface area doubles...

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Category: Equipment

What is the danger of flying an aging glider (high porosity)?

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Category: Equipment

If the distance between carabiners at the harness is tightened (reduced length), what pilot will feel as the result while going through rough air?

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Category: Equipment

Your glider's wing span is 11.28m, the surface area is 26.47m2 and what is the Aspect Ratio (AR)?

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Category: Equipment

Your glider's Aspect Ratio (AR) is 5.0 and which following statements are correct?

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Category: Equipment

A glider that has A, B, C and D risers, which riser has the least load during a flight?

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Category: PreFlight

Before attempting to fly, what is the checklist that you should do? (Multiple selection)

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Category: Equipment

Your glider has a glide ratio of 8:1 when flying with total weight of 100kg in an open harness, what is an approximate force value of the drag?

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Category: Airmenship

While doing ridge soaring with other pilots and there is an incoming pilot that could cause a collision, which pilot has the right of way? (Multiple selection)

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Category: Meteorology

What is wind gradient?

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Category: Aerodynamics

Which law of physics that applies for a paraglider to gain aerodynamic lift.

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Category: Equipment

In comparison with gliders that has high aspect ratio, gliders with low aspect ratio are generally... (Multiple selection) 

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Category: Meteorology

What is an aeronautical night?

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Category: PreFlight

Upon arrival at a flying site for the first time, what should you do? (Multiple selection)

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Category: Equipment

You would like to find out the Aspect Ratio (AR) of your glider but requires the value for its average chord, how to you calculate it?

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Category: Equipment

Your glider's minimum load is 75kg and maximum load is 95kg. The glider's span is 10m with a surface area of 25m2. What is the wing loading of your glider at minimum load?

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Category: Equipment

Which condition will cause the most damage to glider's fabric?

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Category: PreFlight

What is the correct sequence of launching?

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Category: Equipment

What is the EN certification for helmets suitable for paragliding?

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Category: Equipment

You do not have the accurate information/value of your glider's surface area (SA) and needed to calculate the Aspect Ratio (AR), what is the simple formula to get the AR of the glider?

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Category: Aerodynamics

When a glider is flown at the maximum TOW (takeoff weight), aerodynamic stall will occur...

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Category: PreFlight

You are flying in calm air at an air speed of 30kmh with a sink rate of 1m/s. Then you enter an area with headwind of 8kmh, what is your speed in relation to the ground (groundspeed)?

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Category: Equipment

What is the safety caution when using an airbag harness design?

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Category: Equipment

You would like to find our the Aspect Ratio (AR) of your glider but need the value for the wing's surface area, how do you calculate it?

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Category: Equipment

At what intervals should you inspect and repack your reserve parachute?

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Category: Equipment

If your paraglider is soaked wet with sea water, what needs to be done?

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Category: Accidents & Incidents

When you are in situation that requires for deploying the reserve chute, which of the following are correct? (Multiple selection)

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Category: PreFlight

Before committing the launch and takeoff, what is the final thing that you must check?

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Category: Rules & Regulations

You have completed the paragliding pilot training and logged 80 flights including several ridge soaring flights, which glider rating should you use?

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