If you are a paragliding pilot, then it only makes sense to get yourself insured and for this purpose, an adventure outdoor sports insurance was created by TuneProtect Re Ltd with Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad to offer paragliding pilots the annual coverage at an affordable premium. We are their authorised partner to manage the registration and administrative tasks. Please contact us for further details or proceed to the centralised registration page at Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF)

By enrolling into our paragliding training courses, you will be automatically subscribed to an annual insurance plan for students for a basic coverage (T&C applies). The coverage for one year would suffice for all of your subsequent flights after the training course before being eligible for the next level to become a certified pilot.

For professional tandem pilots, all flights must have insurance for their passengers and there is only one insurance plan that covers such activity in Malaysia and it’s the Tandem Passenger Insurance Plan and the registration form is available at our appointed site operators. All of our tandem flights are insured and therefor we are compliant to Malaysia’ CAAM rules & regulations for operating tandem operations.

For enquiries on pricing or equipment, please let us know via the Contact Us form and we will get back to you soonest possible. For further details on each equipment’s information and technical specifications, click the image to open Ozone’s product website for your chosen equipment.

If you wish to learn how to fly a paraglider, we often conduct the basic paragliding training courses. Do contact us via email at yusmar@paragliders.my or through the Contact Us page. All training courses comes with a bi-annual insurance coverage specifically designed for paragliding student pilot.

Training Module Summary

Introduction to Paragliding, the Elementary Training

Course coverage:

  • 2 days of ground handling with reviews on thermodynamics and meteorology
  • 2 days of practice – forward launch technique
  • 1 additional day of progressive training flights (depends on availability based on training location)
  • Fully certified training equipments are provided (paraglider, harness, helmet and radio)
  • Written and practical exam through Student Workbook
  • Student Pilot identification card and 1 year membership
  • Training reading materials such as student workbook, flight log, tshirt
  • 6 months insurance coverage that is specifically designed for paragliding student pilot

As a beginner you need to master a set of skills and knowledge to fly safely, for this very reason you are required to be supervised by an instructor or equivalent for all of your subsequent flights after the completion of your course. Only after 40 flights or more, you will usually grasp enough experience to perform the launch and landing without constant supervision.

Beginner paragliding course lasts for 4 days over 2-3 weekends. If you are interested in learning to fly quickly, we recommend our intensive paragliding course over a full week (4-5 consecutive days) with theoretical lessons and practices every single day (weather permitting). This allows you to keep your knowledge and skills fresh each day and accelerates the learning process. Please consult us via emails for the schedule and further suggestions.

What You'll Learn & Requirement

What You’ll Learn:

  • Theory : Introduction to Paragliding, Equipment & Gears, Thermodynamics & Meteorology, Topology, Flight Rules and Incident Handling.
  • Practical : Equipment preparation, inspection and maintenance
  • Practical : Forward launch technique
  • Practical : In-flight manoeuvres for landing approach, flying with instructor in tandem flight
  • Practical : Open field landing technique
  • Practical : Reserve deployment (in a suspended simulation)

Your Requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 (or 16 with parental consent)
  • Comfortable outdoor attire including proper shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • The will and patience to learn to fly as the weather will be hot during ground handling training
  • Listen carefully to your instructor (slightly different techniques may be applied according to situations and students ability to absorb instructions)
  • Reasonably good health (advised to perform medical checkup or obtain doctor’s advice)

How Much It Costs

How much does it cost:

  • Paragliding training module : RM2,800 (inclusive of student workbook, flight log, tshirt and the use of training gears)

The insurance coverage details and their options will be elaborated during registration, together with the registration form. Insurance is applicable for Malaysian citizens, expatriates with Permanent Resident status and expatriates with work permit.

What Do I Get Upon Completion?


First of all, you’ll have the ability to launch and land safely with minimal supervision or guidance, then you will need to continue practising the flight launches until you can launch and land on your own without any supervision. Ideally, to achieve that is by procuring yourself a set of gears or make an arrangement for rental of gears.

Identification Card:

At this stage, you will be given the Student Identification Card, not the National Aviation Controller (NAC) flying license.

Student card allows you to fly at all local sites that are designated as “suitable for beginner” and with supervision of another pilot that are more experienced such as an instructor. The Student ID card will describe your particulars including insurance coverage details and QR code to link to your personalised web page.

Upon completion of an average of 40 flights, you will be considered as ready to sit for the national examination to get an official paragliding license from the country’s NAC called Malaysia Sports Aviation Federation (MSAF).