Paragliders Malaysia was established in 2014 as a not-for-profit social enterprise with the goal to help develop and create an equitable access to paragliding sport for youth across the country especially from suburban areas. Hitherto, it has transformed from a mere informational webpage into a full-fledged e-commerce website offering tandem flight reservation, equipment purchase and insurance registrations.

It is a social enterprise founded by Yusmar Yahaya and supported by likeminded paragliding pilots with a common interests and goals. If you would like to be part of this initiative, do not hesitate to send an email to info@paragliding.my for consideration – the more the merrier!

Moving Forward

We believe in the capitalisation of technology as the most efficient tool to reach our audience and closing the gaps between pilots that are located sporadically in Malaysia. From this, you can expect more online tools from this website to execute the goals and would also help make it easier to weather through the challenging new-norm of post-covid recovery.

Social Media

We’re active on social media platforms for discussions at Facebook Group and you are invited to join the group where we openly share event happenings, trip planning or any other flying related matters. Our Facebook group is at : https://facebook.com/groups/paraglidersmalaysia

Insurance Coverage

After more than 2 years of working through proposals and going through the vetting process by insurance companies, in 2017 we finally gained their confidence and trusts to be awarded with an insurance Master Policy contract that is specifically designed for this sport.

The underwriter for this program is Pacific & Orient Insurance Co. Berhad and backed by Tune Protect Re Ltd.