Yusmar Yahaya started flying with paramotor back in 2011 when he enrolled for flying lesson with James Gibbs, his then PPG instructor and regularly fly with the Nirvana paramotor and Ozone Rush wing. Back then, Pulau Indah was his weekend home to fly above the mangrove forest.

Then he discovered free-flight and immediately hooked on the joy of flying without the ear piercing engine noise. Since 2012 it has been his primary choice of flying, often traveling around Southeast Asia discovering new places to fly – something that is not logistically possible to do with his paramotor.

Sometime in 2014, he then decided that there should be a website that documents all information about paragliding in one place and this website was created. It bears the unique URL that is easy to remember and represents the sport’s activity.

For many years he has been an active distributor of Ozone gliders in Malaysia and instrumental in helping the local sports industry expands through site developments, operational structures and regulatory matters.

When he is not flying, Yusmar can be found either scuba diving at the islands or just chilling out at rock climbing sites.

Way Forward

We plans to build a healthy growth of paragliding sport in Malaysia, operating as social enterprise and self sustainable in order to continuously giving back to the community.

Through our Tandem Flight Boooking System, we will effectively connect the public and local tandem pilots to manage their recreational tandem flights thus creating job opportunities for the local tandem pilots.

For further enquiries, you may send them to yusmar@paragliders.my or use our Contact Us online form.


Social Media

We are also active on social media platforms for discussions at Facebook Group and you are invited to join the group where we openly share event happenings, trip plans or any flying related matters. Our Facebook group is at : http://facebook.com/groups/paraglidersmalaysia

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