If you wish to learn how to fly a paraglider, we often conduct the basic paragliding training courses. Do contact us via email at yusmar@paragliders.my or through the Contact Us page of this website. All training courses comes with a selection of annual insurance coverage specifically designed for paragliding and valid internationally.

Paragliding Training Module

We are working closely with Lonpac Insurance Berhad to provide insurance coverage for all certified paragliding pilots in Malaysia including the tandem passengers for flying site operators and the coverage is international.  This package was specifically created only for paragliding sports, so the annual premium is much lower than the full outdoor sports package.

Pilot Insurance Registration Form

If you wish to subscribe for Re-Claim’s standard outdoor sports package that also covers paragliding as part of the package, please proceed to the website by Re-Claim at www.bestsportsdoctors.com

It would be best to reserve your seats for the weekend tandem paragliding, as it’s often that our weekends will be full of passengers wanting to experience paragliding and walk-in passengers will be allocated their slot based on availability after all of the booked flights are done. It’s also for us to manage our resources and pilots’ land logistics, so please go ahead and make your reservations.

Click here for Tandem Paragliding Booking Form

We are the appointed distributor and dealer in Malaysia for many paragliding gears and glider brands, to purchase them or price enquiries on them please send us your questions via the Contact Us form.

Occasionally we will organise paragliding workshops, especially for the reserve chute repack at every six month intervals. At times, we will collaborate with our affiliates from other countries to organise joint workshops or participating in one of the workshops organised by them.


Tandem Paragliding Videos

Throughout the years, we received many common questions about paragliding and it’s expected as this sport is quite new in this part of the world. If you have any questions, perhaps the answers are already in our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), browse through the list and let us know if there are new questions to be answered.