When it comes to stability and safety in round reserves, there is no substitute for surface area. For that reason, all sizes of the Angel are “big” in terms of surface, while still very light, and provide plenty of margin for the weight ranges they are certified to carry.

In its three sizes, the Angel covers all pilot weights up to 140kg (total suspended inflight weight, including reserve). It is certified EN and LTF to the EN 12491 and LTF 91/09 standards. The Angel is available in 2 bridle options: Y bridle (for harnesses with no bridles) and Short Bridle (for harnesses with integrated bridles).

Comes in 3 sizes : 95kg, 110kg and 140kg. Please make sure to check your harness whether you require short or long bridle when confirming the order, bridles are not changeable once delivered.


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